Maharaja Express Facilities

Where past is at your entrance and extravagance is at your command, a voyage on board the Maharajas' Express offers all luxurious comforts and facilities to the guests. Owing to the inflated suspension, which minimizes unfriendly and unwholesome strains and jolts to the travelers, the instant trip is as contented as asleep at your own home. Some of the amenities which make this train the most luxurious one in Asia include continuous internet service, live television, bathrooms with an imperial décor, two dining cars, multi-cuisine restaurants serving mouth-watering food, a bar with the an assortment of wines and other beverages from around the world and a keepsake shop. Supreme welcome and faultless service makes the knowledge all the more satisfying.

Restaurant Car

maharaja express restaurant car

The train has two attractively equipped and ornamented eating cars - Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal. Various with silk curtains, tortuously curved wood wainscot, artificial lights and royal furniture, the dining cars give you a feel of the royal era. Both the restaurants can accommodate 42 travelers each at a time. Though mainland and oriental foods are also obtainable onboard, the name old-style dishes from Indian kitchenette steal the attention..

Kitchen car

maharaja express kitchen

Hygiene, perception and diversity are the top urgencies of Maharajas' Express' kitchen. The state-of-art kitchen car is equipped to prepare a variety of national and international foods including Rajasthani, Mughlai, Chinese, North-Indian, continental etc. A trained staff of chefs is always at the guests' removal to cook the best of the plates and serve them in the most enticing manner.

Safari Bar

maharaja express kitchen

The Safari bar is well-stocked with the most high-class gathering of stock makes of beers, wine and spirits, which all come gratis. The relaxed sitting preparation and a wide-ranging collection of books lets the guests enjoy the negotiating national boundaries with great affluence and comfort. The Safari Bar, equipped with its own bar game tables and contented club arm-chairs and a collection of books, makes for a perfect atmosphere for revitalizing and jubilation.

Rajah club

maharaja express kitchen

The train moreover has a lounge called the Rajah Club with a secluded bar, two dining cars and a devoted bar car. Equipped with games tables, club arm chair, a inclusive collection of books, and excellent of the wines and spirits, Rajah Club is the best place on the train to relax, relax, revitalize and engage in a leisurely discussion with fellow-travelers. The car also has a memento boutique that offers souvenirs for passengers, called the Paragon Chest.

    Exclusive features
  • A lounge extraordinaire
  • Casual all day experience
  • Specialty brand of wines, spirits & beers.
  • Exclusive 'boutique'